Why Should Someone Choose Your Company?

I have been in the marketing arena for more than two decades and it never ceases to amaze me how so many people still spend thousands of dollars trying to attract customers by convincing them their product is better.

Under that “legacy” model it required eight or nine impressions for the consumer to be familiar enough with your brand to give it consideration.

Today we are under a constant barrage of marketing, branding, and advertising daily, so much so, our brains filter out at least 2/3rds of it.

If you stay with the same legacy model described earlier, the number of impressions needed would be in the hundreds if not thousands.

Consider this, you not only have to introduce your company, but make an argument that the consumer needs to stop using what they are now and switch to your products all in the span of time of opening an email or text.

What you should be focusing on instead is what value your product brings and who needs that. Stop worrying about how much money you need to make, what kind of click bait will gain their attention, or which of the data insights will heighten your chances of engagement.

Build your marketing and branding around the person you want to purchase your product and if your answer is you want a product that can be purchased by everyone, you need to stop and get a job!

If your product is so generic that it can be purchased by everyone, you will never be able to stop marketing. Those types of products go through lots of users and rarely have the level of loyalty for long-term sustainability.

Instead understand most purchases are made to relieve a problem. Whether that problem is needing new socks or a plane ticket to Coachella.

Really dive into what your product is for and who has the greatest need for that relief. Once you understand that, get to know who your customer is, and their values and expectations.

This will invariably lead to you understanding their preferences, tastes, vernacular, and habits. Use this information as a way to introduce your company. Let them know a little about you and what you look for when solving your purchasing problems. The annoyances you have experienced and how them investing in an experience with your company will benefit them on more than a financial transaction level. Seth Godin refers to it a finding your “tribe”.

My wife and I just returned from a transatlantic cruise to Europe and during that time I had many conversations with people discussing international traveling strategies, planning, and other best practices and invariably they asked what I do for a living.

Your engagement with prospective customers should be no different. They need to be interested in who you are, your story, and the commonality of your experiences. It is only then they will consider what you can do for them.

Build relationships not transactions and you will reach your revenue goals as a byproduct, not a directive.

It’s a slightly longer path, but you will find you have a stronger retention of customers and over time more referrals, which is the key to your true long-term sustainability.



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